Monday, November 30, 2020


More “Groundless Evidence” of Election Fraud.

Sunday, November 29, 2020


The Democrat Industrial Complex

If you like war, you’re gonna love the Biden foreign policy lineup (fortunately, that ain’t gonna happen). ‘just less than two months from Trump’s second inauguration.

Just a reminder...The Trump administration has had less war involvement than any president since Carter (and he directed the elimination of Isis).


“BCP”  Always presents the issues in a professional and probing style — something you can never get from establishment sources anymore.

A very good presentation of the facts that further indicate a Trump win and a fraudulent Biden con scheme.

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Good vs. Evil

 All of existence can be seen to manifest as a polarity, where entropy, chaos, disruption, and demise battle with an impulse to maintain, fortify, and progress.

Democrats and leftists in general support the cause of chaos and destruction.  Conservatism seeks to maintain what is good and build upon it.

It’s no coincidence that the figurehead of conservative belief today is a builder who promotes prosperity and achievement while our nemesis offers no more than a wanton impulse to tear him and America down.  

Oppose the evil forces of destruction.

Friday, November 27, 2020


Wow!  This is just one witness/one circumstance.  This is what no “mainstream” media outlet is reporting as they all heap praise upon the bogus “president elect.”


Covers it all  in under thirteen minutes.


The Noble SAVAGE 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

I realize that I’ve opened myself up to ridicule and a few eye-rolls if my stance is not born out by events in the coming few weeks.  I’ve steadfastly held to my belief that the president will win this election and ultimately will serve another four years.

More and more, lukewarm supporters of Trump (eg. laura Ingraham) are joining establishment Republicans and assorted insiders in the “throw in the towel” phase of events.  Ultimately, one’s position on the issue rests a lot on what you’re reading and/or how much you believe what you’re reading.

There are some serious legal challenges on the horizon, eventually involving the Supreme Court, that can turn the election result in Trump’s favor in spite of individual state’s politicos “certifying” the election or various “transition” policies being set in motion.

Anyone with an honest and objective appraisal of what has occurred in this election cannot in good faith say it was conducted fairly and with little suspicious activity.

The mail-in voting “idea” — particularly in cases of unsolicited mailings — should have been a red flag immediately that some shenanigans were being put into play.  That, along with bizarre and impossible mathematical tabulations occurring alongside disappearing ballots and deliveries of ballots in the dead of night. There are definitely enough underhanded and suspicious maneuvers warranting investigation. Of course most media channels won’t be investigating anything because they are no longer objective venues of information.

If, as I still expect, Donald Trump comes out the winner in this escapade, enough slight of hand has occurred in the press and among associated partisans, that a Trump success will inflame the leftist rabble to new heights of violence. 

If Trump ultimately leaves office (and I end up looking stupid for taking my stand), we are stuck with the very horrible situation of an election-as-coup and a future where no election will be fairly conducted. America, like many tin-pot dictatorships will become a one-party state where half the public has lost its say in how they will conduct their lives. 

If Biden is the next president (and, lets face it, he will primarily be a figurehead to more astute, radical, and dubious players), America will be put on a fast track into oblivion — for the cause of a global “reset.”

Biden’s choice of advisors and bureau-heads is a who’s who of the swamp’s most ardent establishment lobbyists, war-mongers, and socialist pseudo-intellectuals.  Already hordes of “immigrants” are headed for the southern border, international institutions are preparing for their economic gains, and totalitarian states are licking their chops over the demise of the last great defense of free society. 

If the forty-sixth president is Joe Biden, a national lockdown and spiraling economic decline are the least of your worries.  

Remember, socialism is not new and it always plays out the same.  Obey or suffer.

‘Holding my breath and crossing my fingers. 


This is beyond trippy. (Begin at 12 minutes in and definitely wait for Michael Moore’s appearance).

Monday, November 23, 2020


The end of

 this  is hilarious

Saturday, November 21, 2020


Always incredibly insightful spite of the wardrobe. 😄

Friday, November 20, 2020


“Boy are they going to be surprised”

 If my appraisal of current events had been made solely upon establishment “mainstream” sources, I’d be somewhat dispirited about this election outcome. In fact, I actually do pursue several mainstream and leftist sources of “news.”  They’ve become so hyperbolic and blatantly dishonest in lies and lies of omission that even fellow travelers no doubt feel the need to scour alternative media to get some idea of what’s really going on (a hat tip to Bitchute, Parler, and Gab). 

A few posts back I made the case for my belief that enough evidence of election fraud had taken place that Trump would, in the end, emerge triumphant.

To those whom I know who restrict their information to mainstream news sources, my position sounds absurd. “Joe Biden already won and Trump refuses to concede as he tries to cling to power.”  Even the most die-hard among the Trump-deranged — if they know unfolding events — knows that there is more than circumstantial evidence of large scale vote manipulation in this election.  In all likelihood, Trump won by a landslide. The average citizen just wasn’t about to trade in their country’s prosperity, security, and freedom for a feeble old political hack and borderline communist associates.

A few setbacks in current legal challenges has caused me to, at times, pause and consider that I may be wrong and the left will soon achieve a full-on coup and overthrow of American constitutional government.  But...actually, I’m convinced, now more than ever, that justice will prevail.  

A couple hundred thousand concerned citizens descended on Washington this last week. In spite of media caricatures of them as being “violent right wing extremists,” anyone can observe hours if video footage of the event on line and see that the only caricature is that of simple largely middle-class men and women who oppose totalitarian schemes to wrest power for some bogus globalist “revolution.”

I could be wrong — anybody can potentially be wrong — but, I’m pretty confident that Trump will be serving another four years. Then the real fireworks begin when the spoiled child of leftism will once again rear its ugly head and go on another rampage of destruction and violence.


Sums it up really well 

Thursday, November 19, 2020


Melange of Earth and Sky



The Conspiracy of Like Minds

think it should be pointed out that this election con doesn’t necessarily require a deliberate coordinated effort to get the same fraudulent result.  One must note that the Democrats are ultimately the government’s party. Among the many volunteers that count ballots are no doubt many who have vented their Trump derangement independently of other like-minded scammers.

It’s as if a variety of late night talk show hosts or journalists were chosen to handle the ballots — hardly an honest choice of diverse thought.

While there is no doubt a conspiracy, there is also a conspiracy of like minds. 


The Heroic Victim

Occasionally, people will make comments or respond to comments on YouTube that are reasonable and convincing...but, that’s only occasionally. When sparing with most on the left, the comments are usually variations on “Orange [and white] man bad,” “America bad,” and “Western civilization...bad.”  

I have to post my response here to a clown that just railed on my “whiteness” with the usual cliche' leftist nonsense about “white people” living on “stolen land.”  

I lost the link to her original comment but it ended with, “This is not your country white man. ...Sit down and hush up squatter.” Of course, if I had written something similar regarding the conjured victim class, YouTube would no doubt remove the comment.  Her comment was definitely worthy of an eye-roll but I had to respond with a more objective appraisal of history.

My response to this and similar nonsense:

Which of the over 500 “first nations” are you referring to?  The rare peaceful ones or the many who conquered other tribes and held slaves (eg. The Aztecs). 

Your aggressive comment sounds more like utterings from an inferiority complex than a strong dignified and objective individual.

The world’s history is full of attacks and defeats.  The weak and chaotic are often defeated. There’s nothing heroic about victimhood.

I’ll be more convinced of your view of the “white man” (I assume you mean western civilization since you’re obviously not a racist) when you give up your smart phone, air conditioning, and plentiful low-cost food — none of which are products of unsophisticated and defeated cultures.


Sunday, November 15, 2020


Feeling the Love 

Saturday, November 14, 2020


Corona Virus...

In the age of Biden 

Friday, November 13, 2020


The Plot

Each day the plot thickens.  Establishment media and a still coup-driven Democrat/socialist party continue to deceive the public into thinking the election is a done deal. They know that the realty is otherwise.

Responsible journalism would accurately report the numerous questionable circumstances that now surround the election in several states. 

As of yet there is no official certification of a Biden win in several states yet the cabal continues to depict the president as some crazed lunatic unjustly holding on to power to continue his “right wing extremist” agenda of putting American citizens before global establishment autocrats in waiting.  

In the end, their actions will prove highly disruptive to political stability. While the feeble faux-“winner” continues to accept congratulations from fellow globalist bureau-guardians the tech giants and partisan hordes pretend there is no massive legal effort to shine light on the numerous scams, “glitches,” and schemes that sought to seal the left’s final grip upon free society.  

To the rescue...Parler, Gab, and a host of alternate information sources now challenge the lies of leftland. 

In more sober times, this election would be completely redone with strict supervision of attempts at phony manipulations.  A close second to that will likely occur when the Supreme Court basically nullifies the completely corrupted tallies in critical states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.  Georgia is now doing a complete hand recount...while “news” sources ramble about a Biden administration under the caste of Washington insiders that sold out America under the Obama “community organizer” presidency.

The next challenge will be dealing with the hordes of leftist agitators and fellow travelers who have been lied to over the last several weeks.

The challenge in the end will be to somehow get leftist partisans to”play nice,” accept the fact that they live in a republic, and millions of fellow citizens want no part of their global socialist “revolution.”  

If they don’t like that?  Fuck ‘em.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Like so much today...down the memory hole


This is where we really currently stand — in spite of the concerted efforts of media propagandists



We are about to see an avalanch of stuff like this. 


 Did you wear the wrong hat and go to the wrong rallies?

Wednesday, November 11, 2020


Paul Joseph Watson Always Nails it...

And, he’s fuckin hilarious 


Like I said... 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020


Real Clear Politics has just rescinded its call for a Biden win

 ...When this is finished, legal votes will be counted / fake, manipulated, and illegal ballots will not be counted.

Trump will win both the popular vote and the electoral vote and it will be 100% legitimate.

Go back to your basement Joe.  And, take your anti American-citizen executive orders with you.

(Yes, I could be wrong but I’m quite confident in writing this.  The swamp and its allies were suspiciously trying to rush something that wasn’t confirmed and was ultimately highly questionable).

If Trump comes out ahead on this, the Democrats and their accomplices have only themselves to blame. They picked a terrible candidate, thinking he would project an image of moderation in a party that has clearly gone off the leftist precipice. They supported a platform that would destroy economic vitality and sell out America’s citizens to corrupt global interests.  They barely campaigned or subjected their candidate to the rigorous scrutiny that earns support.  They censored and omitted anything that might shine a light on just how pathetic their candidate and program was. Then, worst of all, they sought to use corrupt Democrat machines (a reference to political machines, not actual voting machines) in cities and states to deliberately cheat voters of their choice. In accordance with the last point, ...they were stupid.  Did they really think that bizarre instant stats in their favor that defied the laws of mathematics would go unchallenged?

Making America great again will make the Democrats hate again, while projecting their every evil trait upon others who only wish to maintain a great constitutional republic free from the dictates of dystopian ideologues and garden variety authoritarian thugs.


From the standpoint of astrology, Donald Trump has some difficult aspects in his current astrological condition but...none compare to the ones in Biden’s astrology chart.  Specifically, no one should have claimed the prize while Saturn was opposing one’s natal Jupiter.


Fact Check...

Most (all) establishment media outlets have begun referring to citizen Biden as “President elect” Biden and praised him for....owning dogs, and other important warm and fuzzy things (we already know what kind of ice cream he likes from some of the hard-hitting questions during the campaign).

The hasty acceptance being touted as fact overlooks some inconvenient issues.  The race is actually not officially certified.  There are numerous valid points of contention in several states. In spite of the dishonest and dystopian propaganda games of big tech and big media, there really are solid examples of vote fraud, manipulation, and statistical anomalies, particularly (coincidently?) in critical swing states like Pennsylvania (the state that didn’t register my absentee vote). 

After thorough investigations, lawsuits, and Supreme Court intervention, a genuine conclusion will be made and it still holds fourth the possibility of a Trump reelection.

If that occurs, the brigade of deep state globalists, Democrat coup aficionados, street mobs of intolerant communists, and low-information fools and idealists will be very angry after having been led to believe that the “Orange Man” was defeated.

Anyone with common sense, honesty, and insightful appraisal of claims and speculations can see the obvious. This election was a con-job of epic proportions.

Since, in their false comfort, many democomms have suggested punitive measures against those who dared stray from leftist dictate over the past four years, perhaps it may be fitting to respond in kind....just so they finally know what its like to be a constant target of dishonest control freaks and collectivist authoritarians.

“But then you’re becoming just like them...” ....ok. Whatever works.

Monday, November 09, 2020


Mark Steyn is brilliant...and hilarious 


 Styx totally pins it again.

His wardrobe is off the wall but his insight is pristine and hilarious

Sunday, November 08, 2020


Don’t forget, Al Gore didn’t concede until after the Supreme court intervened — IN DECEMBER.

 The media and other leftist proclaimers (including foreign leftist heads of state) are irrelevant to the proceedings.  There are very valid disputes worthy of contention.  If this election was decided on the evening of election day, Donald Trump would have won by a significant margin.  Aside from Democrat run battleground states, other states had no problem transparently finalizing election results on the evening of the election.


A very articulate and sober appraisal of where we currently stand. 


One of many statements of concern over a very bogus and corrupted election 


Delete your FOX NEWS app, Twitter and Facebook accounts / sign on to GAB, Parler, and any other alternative media site that doesn’t tow the party line. 


Who Lost?/Who Won? (If Biden “wins”)


Middle class blue collar and mid-level white collar workers.


Citizens working in industry, manufacturing, and energy production.

Small businesses.


Common people with common problems.

People who believe that the constitution is the ultimate law of the land.

Citizens with traditional values and a patriotic awareness of the greatness of a free society and American history.

Those who believe a president should consider first and foremost, the interests of the United States and its citizens.

All who believe in limited government and a high degree of self-government.

Those who are not violent, coercive, and intolerant...yet 😉

Those who support the free expression of contending views, compromise, and aspects of life beyond politics.

Alternative media and venues for diverse and free expression.

‘Can’t state it enough...Common decent hard-working citizens(!)



The powerful special interests who comprise the Democrat financial base.

Upper class and upper middle class elitists, oligarchs, and multinational monopolies and tech giants.

Those who live off the government.

A smug elite of people who think they are better than others due to their polished Ivy League degree in self-importance.

Academic Marxist who hate the United States and its history.

Pampered college “educated” spoiled brats who think their shit doesn’t stink.

Hollywood, and assorted wealthy hypocrites. 

George Soros and international movements to impose socialism on the world’s citizens.

People who only reference the constitution when it benefits radical transformation of America’s governing principles and who view the constitution as no more than the outdated ramblings of “dead white male slave-holders.

Every niche of avant guard lifestyle and those who wish to impose the most bizarre standards of morally questionable decadence upon society at large.

Those who believe that American citizens must be subdued to advance foreign interests and the values of international authoritarian institutions.

Those who believe in the moral primacy of state power and rule by bureaucrats, autocrats, and ideologues.

Those with little in their lives beyond a fanatical desire to impose their will upon others.

Those who consistently seek to coerce and punish others through censorship, violence,  and wanton destruction of property.

The establishment; government bureaucrats, corrupt politicians, the CIA, NSA, FBI, IRS, and numerous corrupt federal law enforcement thugs.

The establishment media and big tech/Silicon Valley oligarchs.


Saturday, November 07, 2020


 A good overview of schemes and fraudulent actions by our new Chavista overlords

Friday, November 06, 2020


The Plot Sickens

Information you won’t get from establishment media sources:

Inching toward the precipice.  The Trump campaign has noted many legitimate issues in involving vote manipulation and fraud in the election.  The media, in classic consistency, is acting as mouthpiece for the Democomms seeking to depict Trump’s valid concerns as attempts to suppress votes. 

As noted earlier, I’ve experienced this Chavez-style election interference myself after having sent my absentee ballot in from overseas over a month ago (to ....Pennsylvania! Of all places).  There is no record of having received my vote FOR DONALD TRUMP.  

What’s shocking to me in all of this are the many people who actively want to see Biden win. These are people who have experienced zero negative impact from a Trump administration and are completely unaware of Biden’s corruption and the last administration’s use of government agencies to undermine their opponents.

At this point, America is screwed.  The issue will no doubt end up in the Supreme court, where honest appraisal will rectify the blatantly dishonest actions by Democrats in several states (most notably...and, “coincidently” swing states).  

The Jacobins and their enablers in government, media, and culture will not allow a fairly elected Trump administration to continue.  This is one of those scenarios in history where people in the end (at least half the population) will get the government they deserve.  The next several decades will be spent blaming Donald Trump for the collapse of an economy, violence, and chaos brought on by socialism.  Venezuela is the accurate template. Authoritarian collectivism will follow the course it has always followed and it will be a nightmare. 

Thursday, November 05, 2020


From Zero Hedge: 


Nothing Says Fairness like a Ballot Counter Wearing a Biden - Harris Mask


Tuesday, November 03, 2020


VOTE...and Buckle up...

...I voted over a month ago - an absentee ballot from overseas.  Yesterday I decided to confirm that they had received my ballot. There is no record of having received it or even having sent me a ballot.  I wonder  if the same circumstance would have occurred if I had voted for Biden and the “progressive entourage' of Jacobin statists?


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